Standard Tweezers

1. The most accurate results are achieved using the ideal scope with standard tweezers.
2. When using standard tweezers do not squeeze too tight, hold stones in a relaxed manner.
3. Push the slide forward to lock the tweezers in place. Do not lock too tight, just firm enough to hold the stone
4. View the stone with the table facing toward you (see pics above)
Grabbing Tweezers
Grabbing tweezers are better suited for observing stones with the naked eye. When using them ensure the diamond is held approximately level in the claws. The face up (table up) view of a diamond is the most important view (see pic below) but you should rotate the stone to view it’s fire (flashes of coloured light) and scintillation (twinkling of black and white).
Face On View
If the stone is not level adjust its position.
  • Pick up the stone(fig. 1) Check the stone position from side on.
  • Fig. 2: Incorrect – Not Level If not level then hold the stone slightly with your fingers on the girdle
  • (circular edge of the diamond). Fig. 3.
    Release the tension on the claws slightly
    Level the stone & re-apply full tension Re-check the stone position
  • Fig. 4: Side View – Correct Another option is to leave the stone as it is in the claws and adjust the viewing angle by tilting the tweezers until your view of the diamond is face on (table facing you)