Retail Kit: 5 Beginner Models, 1 Expert, 1 Ideal Light, 1 CZ Display, 1 Counter Card

If a shopper for a large diamond visits 10 stores or Internet sites, there’s a 9 in 10 chance they might not buy from you. Converting lookers into buyers is your key to growth and profitability.Every jeweler tells the same 4C’s story, and sells commoditized certed stones.Everyone swears on granny’s grave that they only stock the ‘very best cut’. Some stores sell expensive branded cuts, often at reduced margins. Customers are confused and do not know who to trust? To stand out from the crowd you need a good story, but a story is never as good as showing and involving people! And of course it helps if you actually have great diamonds.

The $300 system I want to share with you dispels confusion and wins customer confidence. I developed this system after 20 years experience with my own Firescope® in my two stores; it revolutionized my business. It is a DIY diamond branding system where you can make the extra margin, rather than the company promoting the branded diamond.After a usual clarity and color explanation, we pull out the big gun; actually it’s a small black box.

The display box has a brilliant sparkly 1ct 6.5mm and a dull and dead deep cut of 1.05ct that spreads 6.25mm. This box is included in the kit, but of course they are CZ’s. People are truly amazed; the dead stone weighs more but looks much smaller.

Print Counter Card (pdf) you can add your store logo and laminate for a quality presentation

We then open the box and put both stones onto the two seating holes on the Ideal-Light, the customer compares them through the Ideal-Scope (you staff must be good with tweezers). The nice stone looks bright red with a dark star (the same as a H&A’s star), whereas the dull stone shows a lot of white light leakage. The chart has all the key words, or the only words, that we want to be used.This pitch should be done quickly, without romance killing jargon like table sizes and depth percentages. The Ideal-Scope concept is grasped in seconds and when customers understand the benefit of a well cut diamond they will pay more to own one.

But if your inventory does not pass the test then you need to replace diamonds as you sell older stock. The next page will tell you how.But first, did you know GIA and AGS are introducing new cut grading systems? If you get stuck with goods that do not look good through the ideal-scope (and 80% look bad) then you will have a big problem.

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