• New way to sell more diamonds
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  • Easier to polish than Hearts & Arrows
  • Plan Ideal-Scope stones with Sarin, Lexus & OctoNus scanners
  • Get for new GIA and AGS cut grades now


Ideal-Scope Sales Kit

Get your customers started on a new way to sell your diamonds. Grow their business, and keep them coming back for your goods.

Face and Scope

AGS Cut Grading

AGS is going to use colored reflections in its new AGS 0 cut grade system for rounds and fancies. Light return is red, and leakage is white (shown in blue).

These Ideal-Scope photographs of two halves of different real stones indicate how well and how poorly each diamond returns light. The DiamCalc ray path for the upper right hand side circled white area has 90% leakage. The lower right hand side partial pink circled area returns 80% of the light from above; we might have expected this leakage to be about 50%. The fact is the Ideal-Scope is almost too sensitive to leakage.