While Ideal-Scope does not endorse the Brillianscope™ (we agree to disagree over a few technical issues) Gemex is helping to achieve our goal of improving the cut quality of diamonds. Diamonds that score well on White Light and Colored Light are likely to be better cut diamonds than those with lower scores.These guidelines are to help you prescreen and select diamonds that perform well on the Brilliancescope™.

White Light – The stronger the pink/red, and the less white you see through the Ideal-Scope, the higher the White Light score is likely to be.

White Light scores will be reduced in diamonds that show too much darkness. This includes diamonds with shorter lower girdle facets on the pavilion; they have fatter dark stars.

Color Light – Diamonds with thick dark 8 rayed stars are likely to score high on Colored Light. There is a trade off when it comes to White Light and Colored Light. You may have noticed it is rare to find stones that score at the top of the scale in both White and Colored Light scales. There are scientific reasons for this.

Scintillation – we are not sure what this is a measure of. We think that some darkness evenly distributed in the Ideal-Scope image helps raise the score. We welcome any advice or help.