Phone comparison tray & UV filter


Sit the tray on your phone with a white screen to compare 2 stones.
Search YouTube 10hrs white screen
Tray removes short wave Ultra Violet <400nm to check color drops of fluorescent diamonds.

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Many people believe that the color of fluorescent diamonds in the past have been over graded. e.g. that a G color strong blue fluorescent diamond may be a H in light with no UV (e.g. most LED lighting). This tray can be placed between a light source and the diamond to screen out shorter wave lengths than 400nm that cause a lot of blue fluorescence. Using a non-fluorescent color comparison diamond you can insert, remove, insert the tray and check to see if the fluorescent diamond suffers a drop in color.

Note: new research has shown that visible and near visible violet light causes beneficial color enhancement in out-door and many in-door environments improving the apparent color above grades given by labs. All labs now use low UV emitting grading lamps.

Garry Holloway

Disclaimer: Only the comparison tray is included.