Beginner Ideal-Scope Kit


6X Ideal-scope, 8X & 20x loupe, tweezers, stone holder & ideal cut CZ with new 2 hole diamond plastic sheet for comparing stones by placing on a mobile phone as a light source

This kit helps you select the best looking top cut quality round diamonds. Easy to use backed up with the Reference Chart. Just sit any diamond next to the reference CZ on a white screen on any phone and compare them. The locking tweezers and spring gem holders are very useful and can be used with the glass lens loupe to check diamond inclusions or jewelry prongs. The 20X is useful to check laser inscriptions which are very small; you should be able to just make out some of the numbers in good lighting. You can take pictures by placing a phone or point and click camera lens touching the lens of the Ideal-scope.

Search YouTube 10hrs white screen

Disclaimer: Phone is not included.